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Needtobreathe - Hardlove (Limited Gatefold, Includes CD) (LP) Vinyl 075678665134
Needtobreathe - Hardlove (Limited Gatefold, Includes CD) (LP) Vinyl 075678665134
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Needtobreathe - Hardlove (Limited Gatefold, Includes CD) (LP) Vinyl 075678665134
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Needtobreathe - Hardlove (Limited Gatefold, Includes CD) (LP) Vinyl 075678665134

Needtobreathe - Hardlove (Limited Gatefold, Includes CD) (LP)

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UPC: 075678665134

Limited pressing which also includes CD copy of the same album along with black vinyl, housed in a gatefold sleeve.. 2016 release. Co-produced by Needtobreathe and recorded at their very own Plantation Studios in Charleston, SC, Hard Love follows the band's blockbuster album Rivers In the Wasteland, which made a stunning chart debut upon it's 2014 release, topping Billboard's Top Rock Albums and Top Alternative Albums charts while also entering the overall SoundScan/Billboard 200 at #3. Needtobreathe is a Grammy-nominated rock outfit effortlessly woven from the musical traditions of their upbringing in the Deep South of the United States. The band quickly achieved cross-genre success via five studio albums and innumerable headline tours. In addition, Needtobreathe received wide ranging attention from the national media.

Needtobreathe's sixth studio album, Hard Love, is a concerted pop effort, an arrow aimed at the mainstream bullseye. Since their debut in 2006, the Carolina quartet's journey from wide-eyed CCM-lite rock band into full-fledged powerhouse has seen them -- at different points -- tread the paths worn by Coldplay, U2, John Mayer, and Mumford and Sons. On Hard Love, they fully grasp the Kings of Leon influence that has always bubbled beneath the surface and splice it with Ryan Tedder's songcraft, making their best record since 2011's The Reckoning. For the old-school CCM fans, there are still hints of devotion subtly woven into the lyrics, but overall, this is a 12-song collection to please everyone. The sheen and polish of their evolved sound is immediately evident on album-opener "Mountain, Pt.1," a haunting Auto-Tuned intro that recalls Bon Iver's work with Kanye West. The guys don't hold back from there, pounding away on the title track, which bleeds with urgency and deft production. Much of this album is a holy union of Kings of Leon's southern grit (frontman Bear Rinehart's vocal similarity to Kings' vocalist Caleb Followill is uncanny) and OneRepublic-sized pop/rock anthems. It's their poppiest offering to date and the most radio accessible. "Money & Fame" struts with funky backing vocals and horn blasts, like Gavin Degraw leading a church choir. "Happiness" is an aptly titled blazer, combining barn-stomping Lumineers energy with an explosive Nathaniel Rateliff-delivery that lifts the listener into the heavens. "Great Night" is the most rousing track on the album, employing a Gary Glitter heartbeat in a song about feeding the urge to just dance. Lyrically, faithful diehards may find some issue with the secular focus, but Needtobreathe have been slowly creeping away from overt CCM themes for a few albums, so it shouldn't come as a big surprise. For those who desire a little worship band reverence, "Be Here Long," "No Excuses," "Testify," and stunning closer "Clear" could just as easily be performed during a church service as on-stage at a rock concert. Aside from the tender ode to an obvious lover on "Let's Stay Home Tonight," the lyrical object of devotion could be God or a loved one; the difference lies in each listener. Like any cleverly crafted praise music, Hard Love balances both sides of their fan base, pleasing the faithful without alienating the mainstream. Whether they lift spirits with their music or their message, Needtobreathe's brand of riveting heartland spirituality reaches a peak on Hard Love. ~ Neil Z. Yeung

  • Format: Vinyl
  • Genre: Pop



A1 Mountain, Pt 1
A2 Hard Love
A3 Money & Fame
A4 No Excuses
A5 When I Sing
A6 Happiness
A7 Great Night
B1 Be Here Long
B2 Don’t Bring That Trouble
B3 Let’s Stay Home Tonight
B4 Testify
B5 Clear
CD-1 Mountain, Pt 1
CD-2 Hard Love
CD-3 Money & Fame
CD-4 No Excuses
CD-5 When I Sing
CD-6 Happiness
CD-7 Great Night
CD-8 Be Here Long
CD-9 Don't Bring That Trouble
CD-10 Let's Stay Home Tonight
CD-11 Testify
CD-12 Clear