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Johnnyswim - Moonlight Vinyl 4050538466324

Johnnyswim - Moonlight

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UPC: 4050538466324

On their third full-length, Moonlight, American husband-and-wife duo Johnnyswim inject their pastoral folk-soul sound with some much-needed liveliness, courtesy of R&B producer Malay (John Legend, Frank Ocean). The beats thump harder, the grooves dig deeper, and the overall effect improves Amanda Sudano and Abner Ramirez's already tight songwriting and knack for hooks. As on past efforts, the bulk of the lyrical content revolves around their relationship. It's a mostly sweet affair, but on the odd chance there's something amiss -- like on "Lost in Translation" and "Same Old Thing" -- the pair remain focused on healing and growth. There's something pure and wholesome to their approach, which allows Moonlight to shimmer as a mature reflection on an ostensibly healthy adult relationship. Highlights include the anthemic "Bridges," the surprisingly Radiohead-esque "Souvenir," and the slow-burning "The Last Time," which features guest vocals from Michael McDonald. Fans of their simpler early material should find comfort in tender moments such as "Flowers," "Moonlight," and Ramirez's heart-melting ode to his wife, "Amanda." At its core, Moonlight remains another intimate peek behind-the-scenes of this musical and real-life partnership. Malay's energy and atmospheric touch, has elevated it into Johnnyswim's smoothest work to date. ~ Neil Z. Yeung

  • Format: Vinyl