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Green Day - Shenanigans (LP) Vinyl 093624820819
Green Day - Shenanigans (LP) Vinyl 093624820819
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Green Day - Shenanigans (LP) Vinyl 093624820819

Green Day - Shenanigans (LP)

Green Day
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SKU: BPY0V6-80QI-00
UPC: 093624820819

Green Day's Shenanigans compiles b-sides, an import-only release, and vinyl single cuts recorded during sessions for the band's studio albums. It also contains one previously unreleased song.

Serving as the perfect companion compilation to 2001's INTERNATIONAL SUPERHITS! collection, SHENANIGANS delivers an assortment of rarities, B-sides, covers, and previously unreleased material. Throughout this 14-track anthology, it's easy to hear how Green Day was able to successfully make the transition from scruffy skate-punks to unofficial heads of the nouveau-punk movement that became the mainstream in the mid-'90s. Staccato riffs, hooks aplenty, and lots of harmonizing are just part of the engine that drives cuts like the thunderous "Suffocate," the relentlessly driving "I Want To Be On T.V." and the pogo-worthy workout that is the previously unreleased "Ha Ha You're Dead."

Surprises include the ambling pop of "On The Wagon," sterling surf instrumental "Espionage," and spot-on covers of the Ramones (a wildly infectious "Outsider") and The Kinks (a worthy "Tired Of Waiting For You"). SHENANIGANS reinforces Green Day's rep for creating quality pop-punk. This collection of odds and sods could easily pass as any other group's A list canon.

Green Day: Billie Joe (vocals, guitar); Mike Dirnt (vocals, bass); Tre Cool (drums).
Compilation producers: Rob Cavallo, Green Day.

  • Released: 09/22/2009
  • Format: Vinyl
  • Genre: Punk Rock



A1 Suffocate 2:54
A2 Desensitized 2:47
A3 You Lied 2:25
A4 Outsider 2:16
A5 Don't Wanna Fall In Love 1:38
A6 Espionage 3:23
A7 I Want To Be On T.V. 1:16
B1 Scumbag 1:45
B2 Tired Of Waiting For You 2:32
B3 Sick Of Me 2:07
B4 Rotting 2:51
B5 Do Da Da 1:30
B6 On The Wagon 2:47
B7 Ha Ha You're Dead 3:06