Frequently Asked Questions

We know we do things a bit differently than most online record stores. There are great reasons for that and we are always happy to answer some of our most commonly asked questions.

Also, feel free to reach out to us at any time using our form on the Contact page, or by starting a chat with us.

Why are so many albums on Backorder?
We are a very small business and we donate ALL profits to charity. Because of this, we must strive to keep costs low for both ourselves and our customers. The profit margin on our albums is really only about $1-2 per sale so we try to only order in what our customers are requesting. That being said, we do stock many items and have a growing inventory. We can get items in quickly, however.
How long do backorders take to arrive?
In most cases, it only takes us about 4-5 business days to get a backordered item into our store, in which case it ships to you the second it arrives. In some cases, we even ship the items directly to our customer from the distributor. This results in you sometimes getting backordered items extremely quickly! You can always check with us first if you are hesitant to order. If for some reason we can’t get in an item you ordered, we will know very quickly and will immediately refund your purchase and all applicable fees. We will also ALWAYS keep you in the loop on your orders with updates and tracking.

Helpful Tip: We recommend making a wishlist on our site or subscribing via email to an album. By doing this, it lets us know which albums our customers are interested in buying. If we don’t have it in stock, we typically will take that as a sign that we should order it. Additionally, you can simply order the item and we will update you on when it will arrive.

How can you afford to donate profits to charity?
The answer to this is easier than you might think. We simply accepted on Day 1 that we were not going to get rich from a business like this (nor had we intended to), not if we wanted to price items competitively. We are going up against the likes of giants such as Amazon, Wal-mart, etc. We decided to do something good with our time and simply donate the profits to charities. We do not jack up the album prices high enough to generate a whole lot of margins, but what we do generate is passed along to good causes. We have our own full-time jobs and most of the business expenses are out of pocket for the owner (Joe). It’s a crazy idea, but we are very proud of it.
What if something I want isn't listed?
We add each album to our site manually, so we haven’t always had a chance to add everything. In many cases, we can get a hold of albums that aren’t yet listed. That being said, if you are looking for something that you don’t see on our site, simply reach out to us! Many times, we can find it for you at a great price. Even if we end up sending you to another business, our goal is to provide friendly service and help you find what your are looking for.